Message Writer

Message Writer

I have been working I18n localization. It has caused me to need to generate large list of messages in JSON, YAML and Java properties. So I got creative and made this little app to generate them. I call it Message Writer.

I18n, short for "Internationalization," is the process of designing and developing software applications in a way that makes them adaptable and culturally relevant for users from different regions and languages. The goal of internationalization is to create software that can be easily localized for different languages, cultures, and regions without requiring significant changes to the underlying codebase.

Key concepts and practices related to internationalization (I18n) include:

Localization (L10n): Localization is the process of adapting an application or content to a specific locale or language. It involves translating user interface elements, text, dates, numbers, and other content to make the application culturally relevant to a target audience.

Unicode and Character Encoding: Unicode is a character encoding standard that represents characters from virtually all written languages in a consistent manner. It allows software to handle different scripts and languages without encoding conflicts.

Text Externalization: In internationalized applications, text strings and other user-visible content are externalized into resource files or databases, making it easier to replace and translate them for different languages.

Date and Time Formatting: Internationalized applications consider regional date and time formats, including different date orders, time zones, and localized date representations.

Number and Currency Formatting: Different cultures use varying formats for numbers, currencies, and decimal separators. Internationalized applications adjust these formats based on the user's locale.


Measuring Up

Measuring Up

Measurabl is a software platform designed to help organizations manage and report on their sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. It provides tools for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to sustainability initiatives, energy usage, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and other key metrics.

For the past 6 years I spent with Measurabl, I led the upgrade of a web application to a modern framework with a custom build with new dependencies for theming, internationalization and deployment chosen and implemented by me. Over the years, I directly engineered a library of reusable presentational components such as tables, forms, maps and charts which I used in multiple premium subscription features of the application. Additionally, I integrated many 3rd party services into the app with internationalization, reporting and deployment/debugging technologies. 

In collaboration with the development team, we developed a web application and optimized the quality and efficiency of the CI/CD process. With a passion for building rich UI frontend applications and efficient APIs and proficiency in software technologies has allowed me to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences. Resolving client demands and simplifying technical issues.

One of the premium subscription features I engineered was the Physical Climate Risk Report. This report required a client side component base UI to communicate with a REST API to render climate risk data as a report for the customer's portfolio. The UI report consists of filters to refine the results to specific climate risks and locations with the results produced on a page with charts, tables and a maps. There is also a PDF export rendered on the backend server with additional charting libraries.