React is a popular Javascript library that you may have heard of mentioned along side of other frameworks such as Angular and Vue. I would say that it's appeal that it is more like writing Vanilla Javascript rather than learning a complex framework such as Angular. Of course, most React apps are...

Since it's birth from the Summer of Code in 2007 Angular has taken the industry of JavaScript Applications by storm. Rising to the top with a full feature component based framework including controllers, models, directives, dynamic 2-way binding with it's own rich...

Vue is another Javascript framework for frontend app development much like React and Angular. I started playing with it one weekend and put together a basic full stack application from some samples I found on the internet. I crafted it into the app it is now. You can see the source code at...

Virtualization has been a big part of my business for the 15 or so years. I used Virtual Box pretty heavily for my development environment. A few years ago, this thing called Docker emerged and I heard a lot of good things about it but I never got around to trying it as Virtual Box worked pretty...

Python, Selenium

Have you ever wanted to create end to end tests for your app, but just can't find the time to get those tests working. Well, I have tried several frameworks from Cypress, to Selenium. I have always felt like this technology ought to be made simple. Just recently after taking another look at...

Measurabl empowers companies to disclose and act upon their sustainability performance. The solution they provide helps companies large and small to collect data and prepare accurate sustainability reports. This frees up resources to actually improve performance. The result is a more sustainable...

My MEAN Stack App

Here is a personal project of mine. It is a MEAN stack app with Angular4. The purpose of this app is right now is to demonstrate the foundation of any app performing authentication, user management, content management...

This responsive landing page is built with AngularJS and consumes it's content from a REST API published with Drupal 8. I built it in a matter of hours. It is a good example of how Drupal Web Services module can be used to quickly support and Angular app. 


One of my more recent mobile app projects, this app I worked on is a PhoneGap build built with Framework7 and Parse.com API. The parse javascript API is works with the Parse server which is a MEAN stack created by Parse.com a company now owned by Facebook. There is also a separate internal use...


At Jacob Tyler, I developed this website. The frontend of this site was developed to be responsive and mobile friendly with Twitter Bootstrap. I wrote custom jQuery to handle the interactive elements. I used Gulp to compile and minify the SCSS and...


At Jacob Tyler, I was given the opportunity to develop Neofluidics.com. I was provided with Photoshop designs. This theme was developed with Twitter Bootstrap, Less, jQuery, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms. The site is responsive and presents some fancy animations on the How it Works page...


In the StaffingNation.com online application for on-boarding UI consists of many responsive online forms with validation powered with JavaScript. After completing each form, the documents are rendered in page layout converted to PDF with wkhtmltopdf. 


At TargetCW, I was given the task of creating these landing pages for StaffingNation.com, a online payroll, staffing, recruiting app for hiring employees of company clients of TargetCW payroll services. This is only the public facing landing pages of the internal company networking application...


Here is a webpage I built from scratch using php, html, css, and javascript. This page features an example of Google Maps API v3 being used to display the location. 


cabo retreat mobile app

This is my first published mobile app for Android and IOS. Designed for the iPhone and Android devices, the app downloads content from a website and retains the data when offline. It was built with Drupalgap, a SDK powered by a Drupal website module through a REST API. The app was created as a...