A new Vue on things

A new Vue on things

Vue.js, commonly referred to as Vue, is an open-source JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications (SPAs). Vue is designed to be approachable, flexible, and highly customizable, making it a popular choice among developers for creating dynamic and interactive web applications.

Key features and concepts of Vue.js include:

1. Component-Based Architecture: Similar to React, Vue.js encourages building applications using reusable components. Components encapsulate both the UI and behavior, making it easier to manage and maintain complex user interfaces.

2. Reactivity: Vue introduces a reactivity system that automatically updates the DOM whenever the underlying data changes. This system allows developers to declare data dependencies and efficiently manage UI updates.

3. Vue Directives: Vue provides special directives that allow you to bind data to the DOM, manipulate the DOM, and apply conditional rendering. For example, the `v-bind` directive is used to bind data to HTML attributes, and the `v-if` directive is used for conditional rendering.

4. Templates: Vue supports an HTML-based template syntax that allows you to declare the structure of your UI components in a declarative manner. These templates are then compiled into render functions for efficient rendering.

5. Vue Router: Vue Router is an official routing library for Vue.js. It provides tools for creating single-page applications with client-side routing, allowing you to define different views and navigate between them without full page reloads.

6. Vuex: Vuex is Vue's official state management library. It helps manage centralized state across your application and provides a way to share data between components.


Message Writer

Message Writer

I have been working I18n localization. It has caused me to need to generate large list of messages in JSON, YAML and Java properties. So I got creative and made this little app to generate them. I call it Message Writer.

I18n, short for "Internationalization," is the process of designing and developing software applications in a way that makes them adaptable and culturally relevant for users from different regions and languages. The goal of internationalization is to create software that can be easily localized for different languages, cultures, and regions without requiring significant changes to the underlying codebase.

Key concepts and practices related to internationalization (I18n) include:

Localization (L10n): Localization is the process of adapting an application or content to a specific locale or language. It involves translating user interface elements, text, dates, numbers, and other content to make the application culturally relevant to a target audience.

Unicode and Character Encoding: Unicode is a character encoding standard that represents characters from virtually all written languages in a consistent manner. It allows software to handle different scripts and languages without encoding conflicts.

Text Externalization: In internationalized applications, text strings and other user-visible content are externalized into resource files or databases, making it easier to replace and translate them for different languages.

Date and Time Formatting: Internationalized applications consider regional date and time formats, including different date orders, time zones, and localized date representations.

Number and Currency Formatting: Different cultures use varying formats for numbers, currencies, and decimal separators. Internationalized applications adjust these formats based on the user's locale.


Real Estate Search

One of my more recent mobile app projects, this app I worked on is a PhoneGap build built with Framework7 and API. The parse javascript API is works with the Parse server which is a MEAN stack created by a company now owned by Facebook. There is also a separate internal use backend web application I worked on as well. I added many features to the mobile app and backend including class level permissions to control which content users have access to, improvements to the administrator forms involving file uploads, Google directions with map in both mobile app and admin,  templates of the many pages as well as PDF creation templates.  Also I The app is not officially released yet but it will eventually be published on IOS, Android, and Windows which I setup and submitted the app for review and testing.