Client Service Architects (CSA)

Client Service Architects or CSA is a Wordpress website I developed at Jacob Tyler. This template I created works with Advanced Custom Fields and is actually one of the most advanced wordpress templates I have created. What makes it so advanced it the fact that I basically extended the WordPress API with my own templating API adding helper funcitons to to construct data models for the pages which included the custom field data and provided helper functions to compose different varieties of layouts dynamically so that new layouts could be composed using the Advanced Custom Field UI on each WordPress page editor. For example, when you create a new page, not only could you pick a template but as you add fields to the page you could choose optional backgrounds or images or videos or preformated stylized text formats. This way the designer could continue to design new layouts using the styles they had already defined on previous layouts after development was finished which worked out well since I left Jacob Tyler before this site was launched.


A Responsive Angular Landing Page

This responsive landing page is built with AngularJS and consumes it's content from a REST API published with Drupal 8. I built it in a matter of hours. It is a good example of how Drupal Web Services module can be used to quickly support and Angular app. 


Coupon Sign Up Wizard

Use this form to sign up for coupons at Souplantation. I developed this with good old jQuery.


Real Estate Search

One of my more recent mobile app projects, this app I worked on is a PhoneGap build built with Framework7 and Parse.com API. The parse javascript API is works with the Parse server which is a MEAN stack created by Parse.com a company now owned by Facebook. There is also a separate internal use backend web application I worked on as well. I added many features to the mobile app and backend including class level permissions to control which content users have access to, improvements to the administrator forms involving file uploads, Google directions with map in both mobile app and admin,  templates of the many pages as well as PDF creation templates.  Also I The app is not officially released yet but it will eventually be published on IOS, Android, and Windows which I setup and submitted the app for review and testing. 


Emerging Infrastructure Capital Partners


The frontend of this site was developed to be responsive and mobile friendly with Twitter Bootstrap. I wrote custom jQuery to handle the interactive elements. I used a LESS compiler to write the CSS. The templates were written with PHP and involves many custom queries and custom fields added to the database.



At Jacob Tyler, I developed this website. The frontend of this site was developed to be responsive and mobile friendly with Twitter Bootstrap. I wrote custom jQuery to handle the interactive elements. I used Gulp to compile and minify the SCSS and Javascript files.



At Jacob Tyler, I was given the opportunity to develop Neofluidics.com. I was provided with Photoshop designs. This theme was developed with Twitter Bootstrap, Less, jQuery, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms. The site is responsive and presents some fancy animations on the How it Works page which I used jQuery to and CSS to animate DOM elements which include SVG markup. 


Company Reporting

In the StaffingNation.com online application for employee on-boarding and management, administrators can view and charts and tables of details powerd with D3 and jqgrid. 


Form Designer

In the StaffingNation.com online application for employee on-boarding and management, employee managers can upload PDF documents and create online forms by placing and defining the form fields which once filled out by employees will render the formatted document for printing as a PDF.


Employee Onboarding

In the StaffingNation.com online application for on-boarding UI consists of many responsive online forms with validation powered with JavaScript. After completing each form, the documents are rendered in page layout converted to PDF with wkhtmltopdf. 


Company Management

www.staffingnation.com is an online application for to manage company employees. In this section the site administrators can create companies and invite users to manage. Built in Codeigniter, the front end uses jQuery and AJAX to load and save data as well as render elements to the page. 



At TargetCW, I was given the task of creating these landing pages for StaffingNation.com, a online payroll, staffing, recruiting app for hiring employees of company clients of TargetCW payroll services. This is only the public facing landing pages of the internal company networking application for hiring and recruiting.



kearny mesa meeting

Here is a webpage I built from scratch using php, html, css, and javascript. This page features an example of Google Maps API v3 being used to display the location. 



Mobile Cabo

cabo retreat mobile app

This is my first published mobile app for Android and IOS. Designed for the iPhone and Android devices, the app downloads content from a website and retains the data when offline. It was built with Drupalgap, a SDK powered by a Drupal website module through a REST API. The app was created as a schedule and map for our TargetCW company retreat in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. view in Android Market



www.targetcw.com was redeveloped by me in Drupal 7. I used jQuery to create the fun animations. To make the site responsive, I used css media queries along with jQuery to detect screen size and other device features.   Each page that has javascript navigation has a javascript router I wrote to load the appropriate content according to the appended URL. 

Check out these URLs for the animations






Cloud Motion LLC

This site was built by me for Cloud Motion LLC, a building management company that owns and manages the building where I work . It was built in Drupal 7 and uses Modules including Views, Locations, and more.



This site I built alone was built with Drupal 7 for DropSmashFix, a Cell Phone Repair Corporation based in Ventura and Santa Monica. The Site and Logo were designed by me based on leading competitors of the market. Drupal modules used in the site include Views, Neo Slider, Locations (Google Map Markers), Webforms, and more.



Gautier Web Site in India

This site was built for Ebony Gautier of India and was based on the Corporate Site of European Region. This site uses the same design and photos and mimics a similar site structure and function. Some Drupal Modules used include Views, Cycle, Jcarousel, Locations(Google Map Locations), Webforms, Infinite Scroll and more.



Sullivan Luallin Healthcare

Sullivan Luallin needed there website www.sullivan-luallin.com redesigned. This is the website I created with Joomla 1.5 coding the custom template and building the page structure. The site was configured for easy access and manageability.



I designed and programmed www.muunstone.com in HTML and PHP to be light weight and smart compatible with as many browsers and devices while displaying content in a dynamic fashion with jQuery. Easily manageable content written in simple HTML load dynamically from PHP into optimized jQuery animated themes designed for use on desktop and mobile devices.


Plan Your Escape

This website was created in Wordpress to promote the book Plan Your Escape for the Author Wayne Dunlap. The theme was designed by Alden Webber and I converted it to Html and applied it to word press as a custom theme.


Purdue Alumni

I created this web site for the Purdue Band Alumni and their vendor Stafford Graphics Inc.