Jonathan Clawson Software Engineer Resume

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Technical and highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in full-stack web development. Skilled in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including Java, JavaScript/Typescript, React, and Angular. Proven expertise in leading cross-functional teams, driving successful project outcomes, and collaborating with stakeholders. Demonstrating robust analytical abilities for the identification and resolution of intricate issues, all the while incorporating efficient coding practices to achieve optimized performance.Capable of delivering scalable, user-centric software solutions to elevate business growth and enhance customer experiences. Excellent communication and leadership abilities combined with passion for innovation and staying current with emerging techniques.

Area of Expertise

  • Full-stack Web Development
  • Database Management
  • Efficient Coding Practices
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Performance Optimization
  • Scalable Software Solutions
  • Innovation & Emerging Technologies
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance  
  • User-centric Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Stakeholders Collaboration
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership 

Technical Proficiencies

Typescript | Javascript | Java | Ruby | Python | HTML | CSS | LESS | SASS | SCSS | Node | Angular/AngularJS | React | D3| WebPack | JSON | Spring | Express | Mongo | SQL | AWS | Linux | IOS | Android | Jenkins | REST API| JSON API | ES6 | Rails| MYSQL | API GATEWAY | DynamoDB | EsLint | TsLint | StyleLint | HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | Node | Gulp | Webpack | Babel | Jira | Virtual Box | LESS | Bower | Express | web sockets | Bamboo | Stash | Bitbucket | Confluence | Adobe | JUnit | Mocha | Mockito | Karma | Selenium

Career Experience

Measurabl INC, San Diego CA 2017 – 2023

Senior Software Engineer 

Develop and maintain robust single-page applications. Create UI components by utilizing AngularJS and modern Angular frameworks. Established Java microservices and employed Spring Boot and MySQL for efficient backend functionality. Conduct thorough unit testing by leveraging Mocha and end-to-end testing, while applying Selenium and Python. Manage REST API controllers in Ruby on Rails. Unify client applications with Java API powered by Spring Boot. Performed comprehensive code reviews with team members to ensure code quality and best practices.

  • Collaborated with product management to deliver value-added functionality catering to needs of owners and operators of commercial real estate, including support for ESG reporting, net-zero target setting, and other related features.
  • Integrated sentry source maps, resulting in significant reduction in defect triage time and minimizing number of employees required for resolution.
  • Delivered innovative technical solutions for requested features. Engaged in scrum processes, including estimation, planning, and retrospectives
  • Generated applications while operating WebPack, Babel, TypeScript, EsLint, and StyleLint for enhancing code quality.
  • Led development of the physical climate risk module, emerged as a prominent driver of additional revenue for the company.
  • Assessed performance issues on underperforming pages by uniting http caching and pagination to endpoints. 
  • Developed and implemented a scalable translation strategy by enabling rapid translation into multiple languages.
  • Revamped unit test framework to trigger unit tests on watch mode reload while working on code to speed up CI/CD..
  • Assisted in development of Bitbucket and Jenkins Pipelines for streamlined deployment processes.
  • Engineered visually appealing charts and maps by using D3 and Mapbox libraries. 
  • Successfully integrated NgUpgrade to migrate AngularJS codebase to Angular.


Robert Half Technology, San Diego CA 2016 – 2017

Software Engineer

Designed cutting-edge client applications by deploying Node, JavaScript, React, and AngularJS, while adhering to industry standards. Crafted engaging and interactive D3 data visualization charts, forms, and robust user authentication systems. Contributed to scrum processes, including estimation, planning, and retrospectives, ensuring smooth project execution and timely delivery. Directed comprehensive code reviews with the team by fostering collaboration and maintaining code quality and adherence to best practices.

  • Spearheaded development of user interface software as single page application for esteemed clients, such as Agena Bio, Igniteble, and Souplantation Inc.
  • Communicated directly with client and built custom CMS with React and Express.
  • Received commendation for delivering exceptional pixel-perfect designs that met or exceeded client expectations.
  • Unified client applications with JAVA Spring Boot Rest API, ensuring efficient and reliable backend functionality.
  • Utilized web sockets and REST API technology to enable seamless communication and data transfer.

JacobTyler, Del Mar, CA 2015 – 2016

Software Engineer

Led development of responsive corporate websites and mobile applications at Jacob Tyler. Executed front-end development for notable projects, including,,, and Drove WordPress development, including custom themes, plugins, Gravity Forms, and Advanced Custom Fields. Headed app development by using Cordova, PhoneGap, AngularJS,, framework7, PHP, and MYSQL. Employed HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, and JSON for versatile web development. Supervised end-to-end tasks, including website development, launch, and ongoing management of corporate brand websites, predominantly in WordPress.

  • Leveraged tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Virtual Box, Linux, and LAMP Stack for efficient workflow and development.
  • Demonstrated skills in server management, Cpanel, Rackspace, and Virtual Private Servers for website maintenance.
  • Offered consultation and expertise to the agency regarding development processes and best practices.

TargetCW, San Diego CA 2013 – 2015

Front-End Developer 

Devised frontend UI for large-scale portal web application at TargetCW Payrolling, designed for hiring and employee management by TargetCS Payroll client company managers. Created multiple smaller corporate websites. Implemented front-end development for, ensuring a seamless user experience. Developed front-facing content-serving websites by using Drupal. Used tools like Yii2, RabbitMQ, CodeIgniter, Drupal, git, REST API, ChartJS, Bootstrap UI, Adobe Creative Suite, PHPstorm, Virtual Box, Linux, LAMP Stack, and phoneGAP for efficient innovative processes. Acquired knowledge of languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, and JSON.

  • Generated applications, such as for enhancing functionality and user experience.
  • Designed interactive user applications with roles and permissions for data collection, while utilizing MVC frameworks.
  • Completed Drupal development while contributing to projects, such as and
  • Accomplished creation of pixel-perfect UI forms, templates, and HTML to PDF templates.
  • Executed Drag and Drop Form Designer, Charts, Grids, and responsive design elements.
  • Enforced effective database designs to ensure data integrity and performance.

Bizx, LLC, San Diego CA 2012

Web Developer 

Played key role in establishing frontend UI of customer review websites at Bizx, with primary focus on advertising sales. Steered designing, maintaining, and converting websites to Drupal, while ensuring optimal performance and user experience. Employed Drupal, Adobe Suite, git, Virtual Box, and LAMP Stack for efficient development processes. Exceled HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP languages for front-end development.

  • Sustained high-traffic advertising and review-based websites within Drupal framework by verifying smooth operation.
  • Efficiently contributed to conversion of to Drupal by enhancing its functionality and user interface.


Studio318, San Diego CA 2007 – 2011

Web Designer 

Enabled software tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Acrobat, Premier, and Blender3D, enabling effective design and production processes. Experienced in working with popular CMS platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Volusion. Applied Virtual Box for efficient virtualization and development setup.

  • Succeeded in generating pixel-perfect websites within CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, by creating custom themes that precisely matched provided graphic art specifications.
  • Obtained skills in languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and coordinating with LAMP Stack, Windows IIS, and UNIX environments.
  • Operated as lead support in web development and technical production at Studio318.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Purdue University, West Lafayette IN