Down by the Ubuntu Docks

Down by the Ubuntu Docks

Virtualization has been a big part of my business for the 15 or so years. I used Virtual Box pretty heavily for my development environment. A few years ago, this thing called Docker emerged and I heard a lot of good things about it but I never got around to trying it as Virtual Box worked pretty well and taking the time to setup up a new environment with a foreign tool was just not on my priority list. Then a few weeks ago, I installed it and poked around with it and found that it was pretty easy to setup compared to a virtual box image. Surprisingly, I can run a single command and spin up a fresh ubuntu image or just a MySQL container. I have only just gotten started, but I am pretty impressed with the ease of this new tool. 

With this simple command, I can create and Ubuntu image with my desktop mounted inside of it.

docker run -t -i -v ~/Desktop:/Desktop ubuntu /bin/bash

Inside the container:

apt install [anything]


Find the id of the container just created:

docker ps -a

Save a new image from the container:

docker commit [container id] [new or existing image name]

Now run the container by name you just committed to confirm your changes.


Measuring Up

Measuring Up

Measurabl empowers companies to disclose and act upon their sustainability performance. The solution they provide helps companies large and small to collect data and prepare accurate sustainability reports. This frees up resources to actually improve performance. The result is a more sustainable future for all. 

This is why I was happy to join the team as a front-end developer to improve the usability of the software solution they provide. In addition to the opportunity to join a positive team and environment in the tech industry, I am able to contribute to a more sustainable future for all.