Jon Clawson | Resume

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Software Engineer

San Diego CA, 92109 | mail@jonclawson.com

Bachelor of Science
Purdue University | Computer Technology 
School of Technology | West Lafayette IN 


Engineer software solutions with
JavaScript, Java and NodeJS environments using
Angular or React with TypeScript, Lodash, D3, NPM, Webpack,
Consuming Restful API, JSON API or HAL on
Spring, SQL or Express, Mongo deployed with
Jenkins or Bamboo to AWS, Apple, or Google. 
Agile managed rapid prototyping and graphic design
through Adobe and Office Invision with Analytical SEO tracking. 


Software Engineer, Aug 2017 - Today

Measurabl | www.measurabl.com 
Develop and maintain user interface software as single page application.
Built many new features with Angular.
Upgrade Angular 1.5 to Angular 6.
Unit test in Karma, Mocha, and Cypress.
Gulp and Webpack builds. 
Javascript, Angular, REST API, JSON API, ES6, Rails, Java
HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Angular-UI, D3
Node, Gulp, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript
Jira, Jenkins, AWS, Virtual Box, Docker

Software Engineer, May 2016 - Aug 2017

Contractor through Robert Half Technology. | www.roberthalf.com 
Develop user interface software as single page application,
Responsive design, dynamic form content, data visualization
for clients including Agena Bio, Igniteble, and Souplantation Inc.
Most of my time was spent creating Angular Controllers, Directives,
Factories, Services, html templates and writing CSS with LESS.
I used $http alternative angular-hal to consume data from a REST API
built with Java Spring Rest and use web sockets. For this app, I created
many responsive high detail UIs with animated interactive elements.
I created a chart directive service with D3. Also I created dynamic
navigation, view and form directive services so the UI could be extended
by the backend. This dynamic form service relied on JSON data from the
backend to define the form submission, fields, layout, updating and validation. 
Other projects I worked on included a custom CMS in ReactJS.
Javascript, Angular, React, jQuery, REST API, HAL
HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap, Angular-UI, D3
Node, Bower, Gulp, Express, web sockets
Jira, Bamboo, Stash, Bitbucket, Confluence, Adobe

Software Engineer, May 2015 - May 2016

JacobTyler | www.jacobtyler.com
At Jacob Tyler, I developed many responsive corporate website and mobile applications. 
Front-end development - jacobtyler.com, seaspine.com, neofluidics.com, evamanndesigns.com
Wordpress development - Themes, Plugins, Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields
App development - Cordova, Phonegap, AngularJS, Parse.com, framework7
Server Management, Cpanel, Rackspace, Virtual Private Servers
Languages -  HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, JSON
Tools - AdobeCS, Virtual Box, Linux, LAMP Stack
Tasks - Develop, Launch and Manage Corporate Brand Websites mainly in Wordpress. 
Consult agency on development process.

Front-End Developer, Jan 2013 - May 2015

TargetCW | www.targetcw.com
At TargetCW Payrolling, I developed the frontend UI for a large scale portal web app for hiring and managing employees by TargetCS Payroll client company managers. In addition, I created several smaller corporate websites.
Front-end development - staffingnation.com
Drupal development - targetcw.com, cloudmotionllc.com
App development - sprints.targetcw.com, cabo.targetcw.com
Languages -  HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, JSON
Tools -  Yii2, RabbitMQ, CodeIgniter, Drupal, git, REST API, CharJS, Bootstrap UI
AdobeCS, PHPstorm,  Virtual Box, Linux, LAMP Stack, phoneGAP
Accomplishments - Develop pixel perfect UI forms, templates, HTML to PDF templates,
Drag n Drop Form Designer, Charts, Grids, responsive design, Database design,
interactive user applications with roles and permissions for collecting data built in MVC frameworks
and front facing content serving web sites built in Drupal

Web Developer, Aug 2012 - Dec 2012

Bizx, LLC | www.bizx.com
At Bizx, I developed the Frontend UI of customer review websites aimed at sellling advertising.
Design, Maintain and Convert Web Sites to Drupal
Tools- Drupal, Adobe Suite, git, Virtual Box, LAMP Stack
Languages  - HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP
Accomplishments- helped convert CreditNet.com to Drupal, contributed to company site
Maintained many high traffic advertising & review based sites in Drupal

Web Designer, Dec 2007 - Dec 2011

Studio318 | www.studio318.com 
At Studio318, I was the lead support in web development and technical production.
Software- Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Indesign, Acrobat, Premier, Flash, Blender3D
Languages  - HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, LAMP Stack, Windows IIS, UNIX, Virtual Box,
CMS Platforms - Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Volusion
Accomplishments - Developed pixel perfect web sites in CMS platforms including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla by creating custom themes to the specifications of provided graphic art.